Stairwell Pressurisation

We are expert Fire Safety Assessors (FSA) and take responsibility for what we test and sign off.

Defects in pressurising systems are common in commercial high rise and strata buildings as most HVAC technicians have never completed any formal training in these complex systems.

Stairwell Pressurisation systems must be inspected annually by a CFSP to confirm performance with AS 1668.1.

In multi-storey residential and commercial buildings pressurising systems achieve a safe haven location for residents.

Our team have deep experience in fire isolated stairwell pressurisation systems testing and maintenance to AS 1851 requirements.

We are also able to provides defects reporting and quote repairs if needed.

Quill Essential Services can also design compliant stairwell pressurisation systems of systems if required.

Building owners, developers and committee members can be assured that any annual fire statement (AFS) when signed off by Quill Essential Services will be compliant to AS 1668.1, BCA and any Council requirements. We can provide engineered solution if required.

We take safety very seriously here and are proud of our long history in fire mechanical smoke control systems.


AS 1688.1.9 Fire Isolated Exit Pressurization is complex. Quill Essential have a team of specialists who understand the risk. From site inspections and preliminary reports through to upgrades and sign off to code.

It is common that Pressurising Systems are close to being compliant but were never fully commissioned or are simply matched non-compliant control systems. These simple oversights can remain embedded within buildings and be signed off year after year.

Sadly with many service technicians unaware of the dangers of non-compliant pressuring systems there have been injuries and fatalities due to smoke inhalation. Making buildings safe does not always mean spending lots of money.

We are proud of our record is smoke control and can add value and safety to your asset.

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