Mechanical Air Handling

Quill Essential Services are competent fire safety practitioners servicing greater Sydney area. Our fire safety assessors have deep experience.

Commercial high rise and Strata mechanical air handling systems. These MAH systems can be very complex and only fire safety assessors (FSA) can ensure safety and compliance to AS 1668.1 and BCA.

From simple car park exhaust systems through to complex zone smoke control, compliance with 1668.1 and AS 1851 are at the heart of everything we do.

We assist committee members building managers and facilities managers in their aim towards keeping buildings safe.

Design of mechanical air systems when required is what we also do. Defect reports, quotations and repairs are another important part of our work.

Our Engineers are capable of re designing system were performance of mechanical air handling systems have been a failure since commissioning.

Keep performance of your MAH systems at the highest level through the life of your building.


The spread of smoke can be very frightening in a real fire event. It is rapid and deadly. AS 1668.1 and AS 1682.1&2 is the law of Australia and must be adhered to and is constantly evolving as technology and experience also evolve. The Fire and Smoke control standards in Australia are fortunately set to a very high level. Unfortunately no training module is provided during apprenticeships for HVAC technicians in Australia.

This means tens of thousands of qualified technicians are working on smoke control systems without a proper understanding of concepts.

They can get it wrong. Quill Essential covers this gap.

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