Smoke Safe Damper

Finally Disruptive Innovation in Fire Smoke Control.

Quill Essential has changed the concept of Fire and Smoke Control as it is understood under AS 1668.1 and AS 1670.1.

This patented smoke management device is a fast acting smoke control system.


The Smoke Safe Damper module incorporates fast acting detection which sends appropriate signals to mechanical devices that are all installed within the local smoke zones. No complicated command path (or possible failure) from Detectors – Fire Indication Panel communication –  Smoke Exhaust Fans – Systems Shut Down – Smoke / Air Dampers, Local Alarms – Fire rated communications cables. At a local zone level smoke safe will close or open a smoke / air control damper, start smoke exhaust fan, shut down fans, close smoke doors, provide audible alarms, start pressurising systems and isolate flammable façade cladding from apartment using fire / smoke curtains.

The original intention of Smoke Safe was to protect individual apartments in residential buildings from smoke spread. Fire Dampers do not stop smoke. We understand that risk. We are currently investigating the use of Smoke Safe Module for protection of multi-level buildings against flammable cladding risk. Simply isolate the apartment using fire smoke curtains triggered by Smoke Safe Module.

This is an Australian innovation.


  • Smoke Safe Damper is a simplified AS 1668.1 smoke control system.
  • Multiple cost effective Smoke Safe modules are installed throughout a building reducing the need for extremely complex detection and communication between smoke fans and damper as called for under AS 1670.1.
  • Provide a standalone method of eliminating smoke spread to individual apartments or fire zone. Fire dampers do not stop smoke. Smoke Safe Damper will make your apartment safe.
  • No requirements to have complex controlling systems throughout the building. This chain can fail.
  • No need to install expensive fire rated cable between Fire Indicator Panel (FDCIE) and multiple smoke zones.
  • Complex smoke control systems in commercial buildings can be greatly simplified using this technology.
  • Highly flexible and Plug and Play – just set up Smoke Safe Module for your special smoke control or zoning requirements.

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